The Muffin Man (05Jul15)

The Muffin Man, London

This is a small tea shop located at Wrights Lane in Kensington, London. It was recommended by one of my colleague when I was in London last year. A lot of my colleagues frequent this “crew” joint whenever they have a flight to London. I ordered the Devon Cream Tea set which comes with a pot of tea, scones, jam and devon cream. It costs me 5.90 GBP. There were few tea selections, but chose the English tea, as the saying goes – when in London, do what the English does! The main highlight for my hi-tea session was the […]

Athens (09Jun15)

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

I went to watch this movie on the big screen about 2 weeks ago. Great acting by Tom Cruise and the rest of cast. I came across an article about Tom Cruise doing his own stunts, some near death experiences. No doubt he is one brave guy and but I think with his age catching up, so best he live all those death-defying stunts to the stuntman. In the earlier part of movie, there was a scene whereby he latched himself to a moving plane, A400m Airbus. No CGI or whatever, pure human flesh clung to a flying aeroplane like […]

National Day Parade (09Aug15)

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore, albeit a belated one. Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence on 9th of August 2015. It also marked the year of jubilee for Singapore, 50 years after she separated from Malaysia. The National Day Parade started around 5.00pm and ended at about 8.00pm. This was my first national day event I ever attended. I never attend any of the national day celebrations in Malaysia, as it always held in the morning. So for this NDP event, it was held in the late afternoon, where the sun was at least bearable. The aerial display of the number […]

Super Sunday

Super Sunday #01

I have been toying around with the idea of introducing something new on this blog. I felt that my blog is getting one dimensional, boring to the bones! I need some sort of a comical side to add in to the mix. So finally I’m ready to introduce to you the “1 picture – 1 post” kind of thing. Since today is Sunday, I shall name it Super Sunday. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but please bear with me. I was talking to this friend of mine about some work stuffs and we brought up about getting our first […]

Athens (09Jun15)

Athens, The Historical City: Day 2

We’d learned that walking for 20 minutes under the hot sun was not something we wanted to do again. We also found out that hotel provides free shuttle bus between the hotel and the city centre. The bus driver was very nice, I tipped the him 2 EUR for his excellent service and on time arrival/pickup. I’d should have tipped him more, if I had some loose coins around. Our first stop of the day was the Hellenic Parliament, which is the Parliament of Greece. There are few museums around the vicinity, such as the Byzantine and Christian Museum and […]

Athens (09Jun15)

Athens, The Historical City: Day 1

Recently my work brought me to Athens, the capital of Greece. My company used to fly to Athens regularly, probably once or twice a week but due to light passenger loads, they stop it all together. They introduced it on a seasonable basis after that, from June to October. It’s best to travel to Greece during the summer months. I did some reading on Athens and some of the Greek islands such as Santorini. Too bad, due to timing and limited flight options, I decided to skip the Greek islands and concentrate solely on Athens. I was staying at Intercontinental […]